We publish our Newsbriefing magazine twice a year. It features a variety of articles including art therapy news, practice-based articles, and reviews of books and exhibitions.

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We welcome art therapy-related contributions to Newsbriefing. If you would like to submit an article, please note the following guidance: 

  • The deadlines for submissions each year are 1 May and 1 October.
  • Authors are advised that they need to follow the legal requirements of data protection law and obtain informed consent from clients if their images or details are included in the article, even if these are anonymised. Informed consent should be obtained before submission for publication in Newsbriefing, on the BAAT website, and across BAAT social media platforms.
  • IMPORTANT – please use the appropriate template below when submitting to Newsbriefing:


Template for Newsbriefing articles

Template for Newsbriefing book reviews


All enquiries and submissions should be sent (by email only, please) to 

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