About the galleries

We run two online galleries:

  • Art Therapists’ Art  for qualified and trainee art therapists who are also artists.
  • Open Gallery open to anyone to share images of artistic practices which have been therapeutic.

New artworks are selected to add to our galleries weekly and posted on all of our social media platforms.

We also publish featured artworks in our regular member bulletin and on the front covers of the International Journal of Art Therapy and our online magazine, InSight.

We welcome all artworks. We’d love to see your work and particularly welcome celebratory pieces.


Special calls

All artworks are welcomed, but we also have some special calls for themed artworks.


We’re looking for artworks that respond to the themes of our annual conference this year, Art therapy and the climate crisis. The conference will explore the effect the climate crisis is having on us, and how art and art therapy can help build emotional resilience in ourselves, the people we support, and our communities.

Submissions are open now until 20 October 2023. 


We are calling for artworks to represent ways in which art can be helpful to people who have experienced trauma.

Submissions are open now until 30 October 2023.


We’re calling for artworks to represent how art therapy facilitated in nature and outdoor spaces can support our wellbeing and connection with nature. 

Submissions are open now until 30 March 2024.


How to submit

If you’d like to submit your work, please take a look at our guidelines and what you need to send us.

How to submit