Arts therapies can help pupils become effective learners

A list of evidence showing that the arts therapies can be helpful in assisting pupils become effective learners…

The American Art Therapy Association has kindly shared some of the evidence gathered in the US by the National Alliance of Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (NASISP), showing that the arts therapies can be helpful in assisting pupils become effective learners in several different ways.

The NASISP is a coalition of US professional organisations whose members provide and support a variety of school-based prevention and intervention services to assist students in becoming effective learners and productive citizens.

NASISP organisations represent over a million members, including school counsellors, school nurses, psychologists, school psychologists, social workers and school social workers; occupational therapists, physical therapists, art therapists, dance/movement therapists, and music therapists; speech-language pathologists; audiologists; teachers, students, parents, and administrators.

NASISP promotes interdisciplinary practice and cooperation, and advocates for ensuring access to quality specialized instructional support services for all students in the US.

NASISP has produced a document including references to evidence that the arts therapies can be helpful for:

Supporting improved student learning

Promoting student success by removing barriers to learning

Facilitating collaboration and coordination of services among school staff, families, and the community

Fostering a positive school climate

Facilitating positive student health, wellness, and development

Full list of evidence coming soon.