How to get involved with the International Journal of Art Therapy

The International Journal of Art Therapy (IJAT) is a leading publication of international art therapy literature and the official journal of the British Association of Art Therapists. 

The aims of our journal are:

To advance the understanding of how art therapy may contribute to effective interventions for service users through publishing: 

    • Ethical, high-quality research papers 
    • Diverse, innovative practice papers including service user feedback 
    • Original, evidence-informed opinion pieces. 

To further develop knowledge in the fields of art therapy research, practice, theory and pedagogy in a global context for: 

    • Art therapists
    • Educators and trainees 
    • Service users and members of the public 
    • Allied health professionals 
    • Mental health practitioners 
    • Other professionals. 

To include service user and lived experience perspectives in all aspects of this work.

How to get involved

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IJAT is published by BAAT and Taylor & Francis.

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