What we do

We are the professional membership organisation for art therapists in the UK. We work to promote art therapy and provide professional support and advice to our members. We represent art therapy to commissioners, policy-makers and opinion-formers and work to ensure that the wider public understands what art therapy is and how it can help transform lives.  

Our Full Members are all qualified art therapists, regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), a statutory requirement in the UK for art therapists. We maintain a register of HCPC-registered art therapists who are working in independent private practice and a register of art therapists who can offer clinical supervision. We have Trainee Members, who are all in training on one of the HCPC-recognised postgraduate training courses and we have an Associate Membership category for anyone else interested in art therapy. 

We publish the peer-reviewed journal, International Journal of Art Therapy, a regular membership magazine, Newsbriefing, and a fortnightly eBulletin for members, to keep them abreast of all the latest developments in the Art Therapy field. We also run our Art Therapy Practice Research Network (ATPRN) for Full Members interested in research, and we prioritise involving service users and carers within this work. 

We are members of the Allied Health Professions Federation and actively contribute to its work to ensure art therapy is recognised alongside the other allied health professions in the health service.