Annual conference 2023: Art therapy and the climate crisis

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Saturday 4 November 2023

9.30AM - 5.30PM (to be confirmed)

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Online via Zoom

Annual conference 2023: Art therapy and the climate crisis

Art therapy and the climate crisis: building emotional resilience

The climate crisis is a global health and mental health crisis. From extreme weather to air pollution, climate anxiety to the energy crisis, increasingly our planet’s greatest existential threat is becoming a part of our everyday lives.

This year, we invite you to join our online conference to think about the effect the climate crisis is having on you, your work and how art and art therapy can help meet this challenge.

How can we help build emotional resilience in ourselves, the people we support, and our communities?

Keynote speaker: Judith Anderson

Emotional resilience and the climate crisis – a psychological overview 

Judith Anderson is a Jungian Analytical Psychotherapist with a background in psychiatry. Judith has been particularly focused on the climate, environmental and biodiversity crises facing us and how psychotherapeutic methods can be in service to these challenges. Judith is currently Chair of Climate Psychology Alliance.

Conference program

Also presenting at this year’s annual conference will be:

  • The sustainable healthcare perspective: art therapy supporting sustainable healthcare, presented by Ben Whittaker, Health and Allied Health Professions (AHP) Lead at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare
  • How do we shape the future of art therapy in a climate emergency? Presented by Art Therapists, Gary Nash and Vanessa Jones.
  • What role does art therapy play in individual and collective responses to climate crisis? Presented by Dr Jamie Bird, Art Therapist and arts-based researcher at the University of Derby.
  • A case study of environmental art therapy in practice, presented by Josephine Burke, Art Therapist.
  • The evidence base for nature-based art therapy, presented by Dr Zoe Moula, Lecturer in Mental Health, King’s College London and Editor-in-Chief Designee – International Journal of Art Therapy.

About our annual conference

Our annual conference brings together art therapists, artists and other professionals to share cutting edge practice, and to connect and learn from each other. 

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