New courses for 2024!

We’ve got eight brand new courses for 2024! Find out what’s coming up.


Nature-based art therapy

Friday 2- Saturday 3 February 2024

an introduction to nature-based art therapy. If you are curious about what it means to be working in natural environments, this course will introduce you to the principles and how to practice it safely.

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Creative approaches to autism and neurodiversity

Friday 12 – Saturday 13 April 2024

Explore creative, neuro-affirming approaches to supporting the needs of neurodivergent service users, colleagues, trainees, and supervisees.

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Using fairy tales in art therapy: once upon a time

Friday 19 April 2024

Fairy tales continue to fascinate and teach us, after centuries of being told. Explore how these stories and their language of images can be an effective and powerful tool in art therapy.

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Learning disabilities: co-producing effective art therapy

Friday 17 – Saturday 18 May 2024

This course, developed using co-production with people with learning disabilities, draws together clinical experience and research evidence to support you to develop skills and confidence when working with this client group.

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Museums, galleries and collections within art therapy

15 June 2024

This course explores the rich theoretical basis for using museums and galleries in art therapy, presents a range of different approaches and discusses the practical issues involved.

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Complex trauma and dissociation: how to adapt art therapy practice

Friday 5 – Saturday 6 July 2024 

Develop your understanding of the legacy of trauma and how to adapt art psychotherapy. This course aims to support effective practice with the most complex PTSD, including dissociative disorders.

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Mentalisation-based art therapy: introduction day

Friday 27 September

Mentalisation-based art therapy can be useful for adults who suffer from intense emotional distress and children experiencing social, emotional and mental health difficulties. This course is an introduction to the underlying principles and possible applications of mentalisation-based approaches to art therapy with adults and children.

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The bodymind model of art therapy

Friday 6 December 

The bodymind model of art therapy attempts to describe several core processes and mechanisms that can be measured in research. This course will outline the basics of the model, and will explain how it can be used in designing research studies as well as how it can be used in practice to benefit clinicians’ understanding.

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